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The eye contour is the skin of the upper and lower mobile and fixed eyelids. It extends up to the eyebrow arch in the upper part, up to the beginning of the temples laterally and up to the cheekbone in the lower part. And yes, it deserves a whole different discussion compared to the rest of the face!

In the eye area the skin is physiologically thinner, has fewer sebaceous and sweat glands: this means that it tends to be drier and less elastic. Furthermore, this (along with the lips) is the area that gives us expressiveness, it is always in movement and is easier to mark. The eye contour is often swollen, red: the microcirculation is a little slowed down compared to other areas of the face, tiredness, stress, insomnia, long hours at the PC invariably leave their mark even on younger people.

When winter arrives the situation can get worse... going from low temperatures to overheated ones in some environments can be really annoying... Heaters, especially during sleeping hours, are harmful in robbing the skin of its optimal hydration! The cold wind often causes tearing, which results in burning and actual cuts and hangnails on the eyelids.

It is very simple to overcome these inconveniences through good habits to constantly have:

  • Already after the age of 25, daily care of the eye contour must become part of the routine, using SPECIFIC moisturizers with a fluid, light and fresh texture and with cutting-edge formulations, rich in hydrating, anti-aging and protective active ingredients, and free of petrolatum and parabens which could have an occlusive effect in the long run. Applying our product with light touches and tapping on the area around the eyes, starting from the inside towards the temples, will help our product to give its best!
  • Give the right value to your night's rest by following as regular times as possible for going to bed, keeping the temperature and humidity of the bedroom under control, which must be cooler than the rest of the house. Take the right amount of water, fruit and vegetables to minimize the appearance of bags, which are nothing more than accumulations of liquids

Staminalis offers:

Eye Contour Cream

Gel cream specifically formulated for the intensive treatment of the area around the eyes. It helps to smooth out micro wrinkles by virtue of the combination of plant stem cells, oligopeptides, Botox-like and filler activities, thanks to the presence of biotechnological hyaluronic acid. It protects the area around the eyes characterized by the absence of sebaceous glands, and is also able to reduce dark circles and reduce bags under the eyes thanks to the presence of cranberry, caffeine and a vegetable mix (beetroot + rice) with exceptional performances. Hypoallergic formulation.