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Staminalis Platinum

Staminalis Platinum uses scientifically validated ingredients to protect and repair cellular DNA.

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Increasingly comfortable, technological and effective

Increasingly comfortable, technological and effective

The latest generation anti-aging creams promise visible results in a short time because they incorporate powerful active ingredients with a thousand virtues.
STAMINALIS PLATINUM establishes itself with cosmetogenomics, i.e. new scientifically validated ingredients, capable of protecting and repairing cellular DNA from the insidious attacks of free radicals in the heart of epidermal cells. In particular, the exclusive combination between a very powerful antioxidant obtained from the micro algae Haematococcus Pluvialis (Astaxanthin) and a fragment of purified DNA (DNA repair), allows for a strong anti-aging action in terms of chrono and photoaging, significantly increasing parameters such as skin brightness, smoothness, tone, deep hydration and elasticity.


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Advanced DNA Protection

The Staminalis Platinum line is designed to offer superior protection of cellular DNA, a crucial advantage for keeping skin young and healthy. This innovative technology actively defends DNA from external aggressions, such as pollution and UV rays, preventing damage at the cellular level that can accelerate skin aging.

Targeted Cellular Regeneration

Using the latest discoveries in the field of plant stem cells, Staminalis Platinum promotes targeted cell regeneration. This process helps repair damaged tissue and stimulate the production of new cells, resulting in a visible reduction of wrinkles and firmer, firmer skin

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Deep and long-lasting hydration

In addition to protection and regeneration, Staminalis Platinum ensures an unprecedented level of hydration. Its unique formula penetrates deep into the skin's layers, providing hydration that lasts all day. This helps keep the skin soft, supple and visibly hydrated, counteracting dryness and improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Powerful Antioxidants for Complete Defense

Finally, the Staminalis Platinum line is enriched with powerful antioxidants that offer a complete defense against free radicals and oxidative stress. These antioxidants strengthen the skin barrier, improving the skin's resilience to external agents and helping to maintain a youthful and radiant appearance

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