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Glycolic acid gel for the treatment of mature skin, the percentage of acid and the pH allow the exfoliation of the keratinized stratum corneum of the epidermis. The gel base, particularly fresh and hydrating, allows for easy application, contributes to hydration and limits irritation.

pH 2.2 / 2.4

100 ml bottle

Functional substances

Glycolic acid 40% : molecule belonging to the class of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) naturally present in many fruits, which act mainly as keratolytics by facilitating the removal of dead cells on the surface of the epidermis. They stimulate the turnover of the cells of the basal layer, increasing the thickness of the epidermis and promoting hydration.

Carrageenan : natural hydrocolloid extracted from red algae of the Rhodophyceae species of the rocky coast of the North Atlantic (Chondrus crispus and Gigartina mamitiosa). Carrageenan is a gelatin essentially made up of calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium salts of sulfuric esters of polysaccharides and exerts a strong cellular stimulation and regeneration action

Recommended for: mature skin with wrinkles. Acne-prone skin in the presence of keloids.

The result: after application the skin is soft, perfectly exfoliated, regenerated and at the same time hydrated.

How to use : after thorough cleansing, apply to the affected skin area and leave to act for 3-5 minutes. Remove carefully with plenty of water. Buffer the skin pH with a tonic lotion. If irritation appears during the application time, remove the product immediately by rinsing thoroughly with water. External use. At the end of the treatment and in any climatic condition, it is recommended to protect the areas treated with AHAs with a high sun protection.



For use in the following protocols:

Facial protocol with glycolic acid - rosactive glyco age - pvrga

Facial protocol with glycolic acid - rosactive glyco pure - pvrgp