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Among the muds present in nature, that of the Dead Sea is certainly the richest in minerals, especially sodium, magnesium and bromine salts, rich in trace elements which optimize cellular metabolism and enhance skin treatments for subjects with water retention, cellulite and fat. Furthermore, thanks to its sulfur content, Dead Sea mud carries out a delicate keratolytic action which gives the skin an immediately smoother appearance.

1,000 ml bag


Dead Sea mud: with draining, anti-inflammatory, remineralising action. Rich in mineral salts and trace elements which, together, allow us to act actively on water retention and the appearance of our skin. They act inside the body, eliminating water stagnation and excess toxins, quickly highlighting the improved appearance of the skin.


Apply a covering layer of mud on the areas to be treated and wrap in paper. Cover with a blanket and leave for about 25-30 minutes. Remove the product in the shower or with sponge gloves. Complete the treatment with a full body massage using the Dren Slim biphasic oil, cream or fluid by Lipocaffeine.

the professional treatment of water retention and cellulite blemishes.

the particular draining action of the mud, combined with the remineralising action of its trace elements and mineral salts (sodium, magnesium, bromine) reduces the stasis of liquids in the tissues, giving the skin firmness, smoothing it and immediately restoring lightness and well-being to the lower limbs. Dead Sea mud is particularly suitable for opening any path of anti-cellulite, reducing or firming treatments.