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Free shipping for orders over €140


Glass Onion is a historic laboratory company dedicated to cosmetic research, which stands out for the high quality of the formulations of its cutting-edge professional products in the skincare field.

An all-Italian reality whose origins date back to the early 1990s on the initiative of Prof. Umberto Borellini, one of the leading experts in Italian cosmetology, a pioneer in the creation of strictly Made in Italy physiocosmetics and phytoceuticals. Glass Onion boasts significant firsts to its credit, such as the early use of caffeine in anti-cellulite formulas or the introduction of plant stem cells within the formulations of cosmetic products up to the introduction of cosmeceutics, phytoceutics, flash cosmetology and neuro cosmetics.

A turning point in the history of Glass Onion was the entry in 2010 of Massimo Iacono, an entrepreneur and manager with a past full of successes in strategic marketing and significant experience in venture management and the start-up sector. Iacono's leadership has grafted onto the company's solid scientific foundations a new strategic vision in the approach to the market and a strong propensity for innovation in all aspects of the business: from the product to multi-channel distribution and digitalisation.

With an eye always focused on the needs of its professional beauty clients, Glass Onion acts as a partner to its clients rather than as a mere supplier, offering commercial solutions aimed at contributing to the success of its clients as the primary objective of all company initiatives.

Today, alongside Prof. Umberto Borellini, scientific director of Glass Onion, there is a team of cosmetologists capable of anticipating needs and developing increasingly advanced and high-performance skin care products and treatments, designed for aesthetic treatments in cabin and for home maintenance. In addition to a staff always present in the Milan office and ready to assist customers in all aspects (technical assistance, logistics, training, tailoring proposals), a site dedicated exclusively to sector professionals has now been added, which offers advantages exclusive and quick consultation and orders that are processed within three working days.

For a professional customer in the sector, working with Glass Onion means not being alone in your professional and entrepreneurial adventure and experience, but being able to count on a company whose main capital is its customers and whose objective is to satisfy, assist and surprise.