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Free shipping for orders over €140

Glass Onion - Skin care

“Managing a beauty center requires professionalism, preparation, entrepreneurship and investments in products and treatments, staff training, presence on social media and advertising. To be successful, choose to be in a team with Glass Onion which for 30 years has been targeting professional aesthetics by formulating and producing treatments and products of proven quality and which today combines the skin care cosmetics signed by the prof. Umberto Borellini, marketing skills and professional training that makes 100% Glass Onion available to customers.”

What we offer :

5 brands developed for professional aesthetics under the scientific guidance of Prof. Umberto Borellini. Hundreds of high quality cosmetic treatments and products made in Italy and offered with an innovative and unparalleled commercial formula for the benefit of our customers:

  • ZERO costs or invoicing upon receipt of the goods.
  • ZERO upfront costs or fixed fees.
  • Every 15 days you will only pay for professional and resale products used/sold.
  • ZERO training and demonstration costs which will be free at your center and/or via video conference with a frequency based on customer needs.
  • ZERO warehouse inventories.
  • Possibility of returning unsold treatments or seasonal products and replacing them with treatments and products more suitable for the current season or for your customers.
  • ZERO costs to advertise your center.
  • We offer free web advertising campaigns on the major social networks customized for your centre.
  • Thousands of web views in your area and neighborhood to increase visibility, interest and traffic from new customers.

The higher the average monthly purchases, the more free advertising increases.
Also free promotional material at the point of sale for all brands, treatments and products. Free testers and samples for all references on an ongoing basis.

How does it work :

It's very simple:

  • You fill out the center request form 100% by filling in all the fields, without obligation and without costs.
  • We await our feedback within a few days, which if positive will lead to a telephone conversation during which we will define together the most suitable treatments and products for your clientele and the size of the centre.
  • Immediately afterwards you will receive the contract which is simple and essential, it does not include start-up costs, purchase minimums or any binding economic conditions unless linked to the consumption of treatments and products which will be communicated by the customer every 15 days and only then invoiced and paid.
  • Immediately after signing the contract you will receive the products and promotional materials without any immediate payment or invoice and you will agree on the first training day.
  • Approximately 45 days after activation, Glass Onion will launch personalized, geolocalized web advertising in your neighborhood or area.

Adhering to the 100% Glass Onion proposal means choosing Glass Onion as your sole partner and supplier in the professional and resale skin care sector, a professional and entrepreneurial choice for more success, more quality and more convenience.

What We Ask:

This too is simple, adhering to the 100% Glass Onion proposal means choosing Glass Onion as your sole partner and supplier in the professional and resale skin care sector. Furthermore, rigorous precision on the communication of the products and treatments used with expiry every 15 days and related payment of each invoice. Zero order minimums.